Our Mission: to inspire and support authors of all genres, at all levels of the writing and publishing journey, from experimental word seekers to well established authors.


Our goal for this and every small group: inclusive, respectful, vibrant conversational energy with opportunities for mentorship, professional networking, and personal growth.


We're not able to offer full scholarships. This is a high end retreat with upscale amenities, so our costs are high. We try to open our door as wide as possible by offering:

  • A limited number of $500 scholarships for every group event.

  • The Virginia Woolf Scholarship: an annual award of $1000 that may be applied to any group or solo event.


Please check your schedule and apply for the scholarship only if you are prepared to attend. We want to make sure the scholarship is offered to someone who can use it.

If you are awarded a scholarship:

  • You will receive a letter with scholarship code to use when you register.

  • You are responsible for your travel expenses and tuition balance.

  • You must register and pay tuition balance within 3 days of receiving the scholarship offer. (We can't hold a spot in a small group, and we want to make sure the scholarship goes to someone who can use it.)


Scholarship decisions are final and unabashedly subjective, based on answers to questions in the application below.

  • Be yourself.

  • Be brief.

  • Help us get to know you.

  • Toot your own horn! Don't be modest about your passion or accomplishments.


The top three runner-up applicants will each receive a $250 scholarship she can apply to any group or solo event.

Peace and grooviness ~


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